I have a few pet JavaScript libraries. Bash scripting and small command line utilities are a hobby of mine. I've got a small handful of Ruby gems with a sprinkling of SublimeText plugins, themes and npm packages.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Baptize is a light-weight, pure bash tool for customizing your bash environment.

view baptize on github.com

Rails JSKit

Rails JSKit is a simple javascript event system for a rails application. It allows you to write testable javascript for your controllers without tight coupling to your Rails app.

view rails_jskit on github.com


JSKit is a small event system that can be plugged into back-ends like Ruby on Rails to coordinate front-end scripting with application routing.

view jskit on github.com


EnhancedReadline is a Sublime Text package that fixes some default readline keybindings that are not bound by Sublime. It also adds some readline-style keybindings for Sublime line editing features.

view EnhancedReadline on github.com


Moses is a command line options parser that helps you write simple command line applications in Ruby.

view moses on github.com


Have you ever just wanted a hotkey to cycle the focus from one group to the next? How about simply moving a file to the opposite group? Well, now you can with CycleGroup..

view CycleGroup on github.com